Chronology of Lafayette County Prosecutors:

Kristen Hilbrenner 2013-Present
Kellie Wingate Campbell 2009-2013
Wm. Page Bellamy 1994-2009
Tim A. Larimore 1990-1994
Weldon W. (Chip) Perry, Jr. 1980-1990
ElGene VerDught 1978-1980
J.G. Lauderdale 1962-1978
Forrest G. Roberts 1960-1962
Ike Skelton, Jr. 1956-1960
D.W. Sherman, Jr. 1950-1956
H. Townsend Hader 1948-1950
William Aull, III 1946-1948
Phil H. Cook 1940-1946
L.I. Morris 1936-1940
Arch M. Skelton 1932-1936
Wm. W. Schwartz 1930-1932
Ike Skelton 1926-1930
Frank Fulkerson 1924-1926
C.A. Keith 1918-1920
Clarence Vivion 1916-1918
William Aull, Jr. 1914-1916
C.A. Keith 1908-1914
Nicholas M. Houx 1906-1908

(Information provided by Lafayette County Clerk)

In 1996, Lafayette County become only the second county in the State of Missouri to implement a drug court.  The purpose of the drug court is to increase the likelihood that offenders will successfully complete treatment and reduce the incidence of repeated offenses.  Then in 2008, Lafayette County became the first rural county of its size to launch a domestic violence court with a nationally recognized program designed to provide supervision and intensive treatment for domestic violence offenders.