Child Support

Lafayette County Circuit Clerks OfficeThis section addresses issues of child support as it relates to payments, enforcement options, emancipation due to age of majority, and termination.  The specifics of these issues are described in greater detail in Section 452.340 of the Revised Missouri Statutes.
Payment Information:1.When sending a payment, make sure your court order number and your Case ID are on the payment instrument. You may not know your case identification number at the time your judgment is entered. Please contact the Circuit Clerk’s office for this information or refer to the post card that is issued to you shortly after the support obligation has been established. These numbers must be included on your check or money order or you may not receive proper credit.

2.  Form CS100 - Affidavit of Payment, must be filed with the Circuit Clerk's Office before any direct pay credit will be given.

3.  All name and/or address changes must be provided to the Circuit Clerk’s office in writing. You may contact the office by regular mail or e-mail.  Go to the home page for the mailing address.

4.  The non-custodial parent is asked to keep the Circuit Clerk’s office informed of employment changes if income withholding has been initiated by that office.

5.  If an income withholding order is entered by the Court, it is the responsibility of the non-custodial parent to send the child support payments to the FSPC until the income withholding order is in effect and payments are being withheld from his/her paycheck. Further, if the employer does not withhold the required amount, the non-custodial parent is responsible for paying the difference.

6.  The non-custodial parent has the option of filing a request for income withholding to be initiated at any time if the judgment did not specifically address this form of payment. Select CS20 (Income Withholding Application) in the Courts/Court Forms link, complete and file the request with the Circuit Clerk’s office.

7.  The non-custodial parent has the option of making application for automatic withdrawal by accessing if income withholding is not ordered by the Court.

8.  To obtain information about recent payments received by the FSPC, call 1-800-225-0530 or go to https:\\ Please be advised the FSPC is not authorized to address payment reduction or delinquent payment issues.

9.  The FSD-CSE web page located at: now provides a 13-month rolling history of payments and disbursements. The web page also includes arrearage balances.

EnforcementOnce a child support judgment has been entered, immediate income withholding is often included in the order. The non-custodial parent’s employer will be notified by the Circuit Clerk’s office to withhold the court ordered obligation plus an amount for arrears (should any exist) and remit said withholding to the FSPC.

Should additional enforcement services be required, contact the Family Support Division of the Division of Child Support Enforcement by accessing The enforcement application as well as information about automatic withdrawal, direct deposit, and SmiOne cards may be obtained through this site. The telephone number for the Family Support Division is 866-313-9960.

Emancipation and TerminationA parent’s obligation to pay child support may extend past a child’s eighteenth (18th) birthday if criteria for such extension have been met pursuant to the requirements as set out in section 452.340, RSMo. The custodial parent is expected to provide the Circuit Clerk’s office with a written educational status update of each child as they turn eighteen years old. However, the information may come from the non-custodial parent as well. This will help staff determine if any changes need to be made in the Missouri Automated Child Support System (MACSS) as well as help determine if criteria have been met for extended support obligations.

Effective August 28th, 2007, the maximum age for which child support can be collected is age 21 for children who have met criteria for support to continue (past the age of 18 or graduation from secondary education) because they are enrolled in a college, university or vocational school and have met all other requirements as set out in section 452.340, RSMo.

As it is the responsibility of the parents to notify the Court when a change of status occurs, they are encouraged to complete and file the CS95 form (Affidavit for Termination of Child Support) with the Circuit Clerk’s office. These forms can be located in the Child Support link and the Court Forms link. The CS95 should be selected when the obligation addresses the last remaining child on the order.

If you are seeking to terminate support provided in a child specific judgment, please contact the Circuit Clerk’s office for assistance or additional information.

Child Support FormsOSCA CS100 - Affidavit of Payment
CS95 Affidavit for Termination of Child Support
CS20 Income Withholding Application