County Commission

The Lafayette County CommissionFor the benefit of the executive branch and members and staff of the general assembly, in determining local needs in appropriation of funds of the state, the county commissioners in all counties of the second, third and fourth class shall file with the office of administration, the oversight division of the committee on legislative research, and the state auditor copies of summarized reports of all funds received from any agency of the United States government.  Further, county commissioners, collectively or by designation of the presiding commissioner, shall represent the county on the following regional councils which may encompass their county: Manpower planning; aging; health planning; law enforcement assistance; community action; countywide sewer districts; solid waste management; county planning and zoning; University of Missouri extension; future boards, commissions and councils relating to health, education or welfare of the citizens as established by executive or legislative action of the government of the United States or of the state; and such other councils and organizations relating to operations of counties as from time to time may be created.  Missouri Revised Statute 49.098